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"I would recommend Dr. Charles Hirsch and Psycho-Cellular Healing™ for anyone who is ready to make positive changes in their life."

Ellen P. McKenzie, CHT, Director
Santa Barbara Hypnotherapy Center

"Just wanted to thank you, Charles. Psycho-Cellular Healing™ opened me up to something I never suspected was blocking me from success--and  I've been in therapy for years working with this issue. I feel like I've reached the core of the problem!"

Sue P. (book Editor)

"I was a 3 pack a day smoker for more than 30 years.  I stopped--permanently--in just 90 minutes.  If Dr. Hirsch's "Why Smoke?" worked for me, it will work for anyone."

Lee G. (C.P.A.)
Los Angeles, CA

"In just two dynamic Psycho-Cellular Healing™ sessions you taught me how to give direction to my subconscious mind. Never again will I suffer the pain I have known for the past twelve months! Thank god I did not have back surgery! There is a power within me to defeat anything once I learned how to use it. I play your marvelous tape every day. God bless you and thank you from my heart. You are a gifted man."

Sunny L. (82 years young!)

"I've been in and out of therapy for 14 years and I always feared opening up. But under hypnosis, it was so easy to be open with you. I got deeper faster and with greater ease than I ever thought I could. I'm looking forward to our next session."

Kevin V. (Aerospace Engineer)

"Due to PMS, I walked in feeling like a vampire... and walked out feeling cheerful and human again. Psycho-Cellular Healing™ and Inner Children™ works miracles--and fast!"

Paddy C. (Medical Management)

"Thank you so much for the Inner Children™ sessions! I am still experiencing positive results from them."

Alice L. (Legal Secretary)

"Your Inner Children™ sessions helped me overcome writers block. My work is now clear, flowing -- and selling"

Kathy C. (Writer)

"I have had Crohnes disease for the past four years, starting on Prednisone at 40mg a day and slowly over the years decreased it to as low as 5mg a day. This past year, I was on 20mg a day and trying desperately to get off the medication. After your sessions, I continued to listen to the tape you sent home with me and I have been studying more about the subconscious mind. I am happy to inform you that for the first time in four years I am off of Prednisone! It will be 44 days tomorrow that my body has been freed from any medication."

"I truly want to thank you. Since those two Psycho-Cellular Healing™ sessions, my life has been changed [and I do not exaggerate that statement in any way]. I haven't felt this well and alive in a long time. You were right when you said on my tape that "life does begin again at age 17."

Mary Beth V. (Student)

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